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I am so happy.

Download e-book Dreams Our Window into the Spirit Realm

Opening my third eye chakra was to overwlming. Know I know why even before I was in highschool I just suddenly caught my self talking to my own self like giving me an answer to my own question and know I really know it was them, and those sparkling white or like light yellow time to time that i thought like from the fairies movies people told me before that maybe I had eye problem as suddenly i see those sparkling dots around me and yes I can feel in presence as wll someone I feel cold in my head that someone is touching my head.. Kaylamgilm0ur gmail.

Thank you for your time. Hi Kayla! Thanks for showing up here. Your guides will always come from a place of love. Try sitting in stillness in meditation and ask to connect with a loving, supportive energy. Gabby, I am brand new to meditation. Although I have felt in tune with a higher presence guiding me the last few years. Sometimes I have thought people who have passed were connecting to me in my head. Nothing too complicated. After trying a few of your meditations this week, I was surprised to hear a deceased friend asking me to help her.

Ultimately to share love and healing hands with her daughter and husband.

Deep Sleep Hypnosis for Meeting Your Spirit Guides (Guided Sleep Meditation Dreaming)

Is this possible with my newness to this? I could use your guidance.

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Thank you! Gorgeous Margaret. Continue to return to your meditation practice and trust your inner voice. It sounds like you are deeply connected and a beautiful meditation practice is supporting you in tapping into your gifts. Thank you for sharing this knowledge. Is it possible for me to communicate directly to my own spirit? Or can I ask my guides to communicate to my spirit for me? Keep it simple. Your guides are here to guide you here and now. You are your spirit and your spirit is you.

We all have different ways that we feel connected to our spirit and you may conceive of it differently than I do. If that is the case, then please feel free to communicate with your guides in whatever way feels right to you! Thank you Gabby for this awesome article. Am 28 years old. Mangala Mary from India, Roman Catholic. Execuse my grammar mistakes if any. I strongly believe I get a reply from you. Am practicing meditation for past few days, I usually touch my 3rd finger count from thumb finger with my thumb while meditating and I can strongly feel tingling sensation flows between these fingers.

Is this mean anything? For past years and even now whenever I look Jesus Christ in his eyes or sit quiet before him for few mins I feel like crying my heart out and there are times I even cried like child, tears flowing. Is there a reason for this? Why I feeling such a way?

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You advice to thank our angels and guides. I do believe them. Thanks for your beautiful message! It sounds like the image of Christ is deeply moving for you and is bringing up things that want to be healed. This is a good thing and please be gentle and patient with yourself.

It might feel helpful to think of angels and guides as your support system or as an extension of God, something here to offer love and positive energy. Hi Gabby, I believe in and embrace my guides but i feel as if something is blocking me from contacting my guide. I am quite ill and i will often get a tingling sensation all over my body. I think that my guides are trying to contact me often but I cant seem to communicate with them yet. Dave, I experience my extremities tingle as well. First, work on getting in the habit of asking your guides for help and then be ready to listen.

Pray and thank them for showing up and leading you, and then take time and sit in meditation, focusing on your breath. I was wondering if anyone knew what it is I saw one night when I was about 17years old…. I was reading in bed and I saw a blue glow on the floor by my dresser. I messed with it trying to figure out how it is possible since no light was entering my windows as I put a sweater up to see if I could catch the source.

I went to get my Dad and it was gone. Can you think back to where you were, emotionally, at the time? Were you struggling with something? Did the blue light scare you? One really amazing thing is that blue light is associated with the Archangel Michael! I am interested in whether you experience the sensation of blue light, or a clearly visible blue light, when you connect with your guides.

This blue light got your attention when you were Now you have been guided here, when you are ready to understand it. Talk to your guides. Call in the guides of the highest truth and compassion and you can fully trust that it will be a beautiful experience. This is the topic of my Miracle Membership this month, which includes a guided meditation for connecting with your spirit guides. If you want to try the Membership and this meditation, check it out here. How do you clear your mind so that you are not automatically putting a name there for yourself? Yes, it is the first name that popped into my head, but I am afraid I am forcing it.

Any thoughts or suggestions? I am so thankful for what you have shared about talking to our spiritual guide. Although being a little bit afraid, but I believed in having our guide or an angel. I can feel them around me, most especially when I needed them most, really!

Reach Across the Divide – Connect with Spirit in Your Dreams!

I like what you said about hearing guides and how not hearing them is a reflection of disbelief and the active not allowing that blocks the connection. I have a hard time connecting to my spirit guides so this article was very useful. Hi Gabby! I am new to all of this. I believe I connected with my spirit guide yesterday for the first time. It was a unique experience and I felt so comforted and not scared at all.. A name popped up when I was talking to my guide, it was Oliver. I was wondering if that could possibly be its name haha.. I look forward to watching more of your inspirational videos!

What a beautiful experience, thank you for sharing. Oliver has your back!

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I know I have an Angel. Just not sure how to open up.

I found your site by pure luck. I was actually watching a star trek show and they were talking about our guides. I grabbed my phone and typed in what they said and here I am. It is a beginning, a chance, a belief that we all have helpers in our lives. I have always known that when I had troubles I had someone helping me through the hard times. The one thing I always did was say thank you. That is important. Not sure the name but the first one that came to mind was Jen. For now that is what I am going with. I now look forward to talking to my Angel or guide.

Trust that you were guided here for a reason. Continue opening up to talking with your guides — I will be publishing another blog on this topic in the coming months. Thank you for your article. I do agree with some of your points, but I have a different approach to things.