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He wanted to be in show business, any phase of it. One of his stories was that he played the part of the half-man, hal woman. He had a beard. And he played the geek I believe that they wrote to each other, I know that he just spoke of her so often. He finally took lessons from her. WOOD Jr.. DSMC, --hospital cousins. Lieutenant Joseph W.

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The boys are the grandsons of Mrs. Fannie J "This is your ranking son and his new found love. The feeling of early evening took over the entire terrain; a cooler breeze; a quiet as if the world were suddenly silent except for the grinding of the train wheels.

It was the twilight hour. And two of the twilight people sat in the same meditative silence. The world was standing, momentarily, still. But time and the train continued ever westward We used to have breakfast in there. He knew the people there very well, the waitress, her mom and dad owned the place. He was trying to promote that stage play of his, The Casual Company, had posters all around there. The show is going great guns.

We have gotten only one bad write up, and that is herewith enclosed. The only reason it was bad because Mr. Bromfield, the drama editor was sick and the paper sent the copy boy. The copy boy thinks he will make good only by giving a bad report. The papers are retracting the story this week and everything will be alright. Next week should be our profit week if all goes well.

He wanted me to write a story for the American Legion to be filmed for them. Its a story on the American Legion and it turned out to be very good. The story is copyrighted air tight in my name.


Ray sent it to the A. Convention in Florida. That was three weeks ago. It is a good script and it will make a very interesting and enlightening film. And with Ray on camera you can bet the photography would be good. Ray, by the way is my big hope for an in to the pictures, or his wife. Their son, Bernard is a close friend of mine, also Rays brother in law. But half of the people [? Yesterday I slept until nearly two in the afternoon. I have more to them and will send in time. Yes I think I received all the birthday cards. And by the way, I haven't gotten the pictures back yet that were taken at my birthday party.

When I do I will send them on. Then Conrad got him into the Monogram studios, on Wednesday nights they'd have show nights for free, you could bring your friend. So we took Ed over with us. But Ed, in the meantime, had his mind on that play of his, The Casual Company. But the review was real bad. I took over the financial end of it at the very last, but he had already spent all of the damn money, so that was the end of that. Ed had gotten hold of Joseph Cotten some way or another and invited him to come out.

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He came to visit us, and we did the play for him, personally, and then he evaluated us, individually. He praised quite a few of us in the play, said we had potential as far as staying in the theatre, or motion pictures. He said something to Ed that the play was interesting, he thought it would go.


We got to talking about producing a movie. They were large offices. I rented that one for him, so he moved across the way. It was shot in 16mm, Ed wrote and directed it, I produced. We were going to blow it up to 35 at the time. | Desire of the Phantom [Ecstasy in the Old West] (Siren Publishing Classic) |

It was never dubbed, but it was finished. It took about two or three days. We had a little western set at a ranch in Saugus. Cost us 60 dollars for a day. Ed Wood — it was amazing how he would improvise. He was quite an ingenious individual. When we were shooting Crossroads of Laredo, we were supposed to have a coffin. He just went right on — nothing stopped him! He was just a terrible horseback rider. And, in one scene, I was chasing myself! It was really a funny bit. But no one could actually tell by the film itself. I did a record of The Streets of Laredo, which was supposed to be dubbed into the film as the theme song.

The guy who put up the money for that was a psycho case, he played the villain in The Blackguard. Nutty as a fruitcake. He was doing marijuana or whatever God only knows. The movie frankly did me in, and it was an embarrassment to my family.