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The characters are rich, multi-dimensional, and so easy to get to know and identify with. I am really looking forward to reading the next book in the trilogy when it comes out and in finding out more about what happens to the characters that still have a mission to carry out and how the story eventually resolves by the end of the trilogy. I recommend this book to readers of YA, lovers of fantasy, alternate-history, and alternate-reality.

It was a terrific read.

Cobweb Bride: The Complete Trilogy: Cobweb Bride

Every chapter and scene revels in this mortal coil, surrounded by an expansive collage of characters immersed in a plot as rich and decadent as a Verdi opera. The vibrancy of Ms. The folkloric-fable twists and turns recount shavings from the mythos of Hades and Persephone without boring you with a full-blown serving of predictability. The romance is as subtle as it is grim, with glimmers of hope taking us further to our doom—perhaps. The overall tone is introspective, hauntingly quiet with elements of horror-fantasy that are as provocative as the works of Tanith Lee and Storm Constantine.

Chapter 2. Chapter 3. I could go on and on discussing this second book in the Cobweb trilogy; it's got such an excellent plot, and Nazarian juggles multiple sub-plots and arcs with grace and flair, each sub-plot and each supporting arc rising to the surface at the perfect time and retreating after subtly making its point. It's intricate but easy to understand, complex but not obscure.

This book is damned cool, and I'm really glad to have found this series. Cobweb Empire picked up where the first book, The Cobweb Bride, left off. I am not just talking story-wise, but also in its ability to enchant and ensnare me in its story. This was a wonderful follow up to the first book. It maintained its fantastical nature, while providing a different tone from the first book. What I enjoy most about this book and series is the beautiful writing style of Nazarian.

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Her writing gives a feel of wonder and magic, complementing the tone of the book perfectly. The way the book is narrated you feel as though you are transported to that time period. I am glad to see there is no drop off in the writing from the first book to this second one. While the first book laid the foundation of the series and therefore took some time for the action to build up, the second book took a different tone. From the beginning, you were not lacking in action.

Events moved a lot more swiftly in this book, so your attention was engaged from the start. Even with things were moving at a good pace, it still devoted time to developing the different plotlines involved.

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I loved how you were introduced to a character or an event without really understanding how they initially fit into the book, but as you read further on everything starts making sense. There were a lot more layers to the story than what you were initially given in the first book. It just goes to show how much depth there is to this book and series as a whole.

Not only the concrete effects of her ability, but the emotional aspect of it. You see the good that it can do, but at the same time it makes Percy an outcast of sorts in her world. To some she is a being to feared, to others she can be a weapon to wield and there are those who see her as a being that bring eternal comfort to their loved ones.

Just like with the first book, I was enthralled with Cobweb Empire. The beautiful writing, charismatic characters with a very likeable heroine, and layered story creates a wonderful book that transports you to a world of magic and macabre. I was entertained from the first page to the last, wondering what is going to happen next.

Just as the first book made me want to read the second, so has this second book made me eager to read the final installment of the series. Holy my greatness. So much happened!!

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I still think Percy is the Bride after everything. That ending OMG. I cannot believe all that happened. So many different things going on. So much action that keeps you reading. I absolutely loved this book. So happy with the ending because Percy can still be the bride. One person found this helpful.

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